Uplifers - May 2015

Designs fed by the changing mood of Istanbul: Lucky Culture

Imagine a brand that designs the embodiment of everything that belongs to Istanbul and makes it so complex. We are talking about designs that carry the changing mood of Istanbul to different stones and colors in different forms in terms of shape. For about two years, Lucky Culture has been proud of creating the most naive and stylish version of these factors. Besides choosing the accessory design to express themselves, they also answer our curious questions.

lucky culture 2

Who is Lucky Culture? Where is the elixir hidden?

Inspired by the magical atmosphere of the Grand Bazaar where she spent her childhood, Yonca Akbayrak and Beste Cesur, who worked in the fashion industry for a long time, created the Lucky Culture brand in 2013 by combining their experiences.

Emphasizing that every moment of life is valuable, Lucky Culture reflects every form that touches the human spirit in its designs. Fueled by the inexhaustible energy and habit-forming chaos of Istanbul, the brand uses gold, silver, precious and semi-precious stones to create limited or personalized single pieces.

Why did you choose to produce?

Producing is a kind of meditation for us. It is a great satisfaction to create jewelry that people will enjoy wearing by using different forms, natural stones and natural methods.

lucky culture

How does a good day start for you? What is your biggest source of motivation during the day?

Definitely a day when we are productive, touch our new designs, discover new natural stones is a perfect day for us! Our biggest source of motivation is the emergence of more beautiful designs than we imagined.

How should a design be for you? What are the sources you feed abroad?

The design must be original. The different parts must come together to form a whole. Every design should have a story. The person carrying the design should feel himself a part of this story. In fact, we prefer to be fed from our own culture rather than abroad. In particular, the Seljuk and ancient Anatolian civilizations are our inspiration.

What has excited you lately?

The shopping festival of the Cancer Free Life Association, where we opened a booth for the first time, was a very good experience for us. We were very excited by the nice comments we received and the great interest shown in our jewelry. Each of the following events is a different experience for us.