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23 November - 21 December


Your group: Fever, negative

Your zodiac sign: Male

You excel at: Collaboration, judgment, thinking

Who Makes You: Reliable, cheerful, adventurous, free, loves to explore

What you want: Constantly trying new things and achieving great fame

Your goal: to explore the world and exceed its limits

Habit to Overcome: Caprice, irresponsibility, dreaminess , contempt

Your day: Thursday

Your Stone:  Amethyst

Your colors: Purple, magenta, dark blue

Your Compatible Spouse:  Scales  and  Aquarius

Occupations: banking, brokerage, manager, manager, manager, policy, judge, attorney, legal counsel, civil servant, government official, lecturer, craftsman, research assistant.

The most prominent feature of Sagittarius people is their compatibility. With its endless energy, it can adapt to any environment and condition. He does not like to deal with the same job for a long time, he constantly wants changes in his life.

Because he gets bored quickly, reckless and often irresponsible, he can waste his efforts and intelligence and achieve more superficial successes. When he pushes himself a little and starts to be disciplined, he can be successful in many things.

Sagittarius has a brilliant mind. He is very fond of his freedom. Sagittarius is the most traveler and explorer of the signs. He loves to explore the unknown and constantly explore new topics. Traveling the world, discovering new cultures and countries is his biggest goal in life.

Thanks to his adventurous spirit, he always wants to travel and see. Sagittarius can never stand still, if he can't travel , he tries to improve himself with other possibilities. He is a constant reader, in pursuit of new information and truth.

He has to somehow feed his soul. He is a complete philosopher. Gathers information, thinks about possibilities, discusses, presents theses. He makes long researches especially on spiritual values. It is very sporty. Since he does not like closed places and is an adventure lover, he generally prefers outdoor sports.

Sagittarius people are generous, cheerful, open-hearted, helpful and compassionate. He is always tolerant of others and respects people's opinions. Since he is also fond of his freedom, he does not want to restrict anyone. He is forgiving, because of all these features, people love him very much and he has many friends around him.

He is candid and honest, but sometimes gets angry and can hurt the other person by saying tactless words. This behavior is not because there is evil in him, but because of his impatient and arrogant nature.

People of this sign are often too optimistic and dreamy. Because of this, he may have difficulties in some situations, but thanks to his high energy, he immediately recovers and starts to move towards his goal again.

Because Sagittarius people are too fond of their freedom, they do not want to be easily attached even if they are in love. Doesn't spend a lot of time with jealous people. His biggest fear is being restricted and not being able to live the way he wants. Because of this, he tries to stay away from long-term relationships.

When he finds a free, cultured and adventurous partner like himself, he agrees to have a relationship. However, he does not want to be attached to a certain lifestyle in his relationships. Because he is idealistic and outspoken, he may also lose people he loves.

The Sagittarius man is very attached to his home and can never do with a jealous spouse. When he finds a free and intellectual wife like himself, he can decide to get married. After this moment, he will reveal his deep feelings and passions for his wife. People who marry Sagittarius will never be bored. Although he is not very fond of children, he will be a warm and good parent to his own children.

Sagittarius FEMALE

The Sagittarius woman is cultured, witty and intelligent. Although he is very sensitive and fragile in some situations, he usually forgives the person in front of him immediately. He is very intelligent and versatile, able to multitask with ease.

Does not like conflicts and uneasy environments, usually tries to solve problems with logic. It attracts attention with its cheerful and energetic nature. Friendship is very important to him.

He does not hesitate to make sacrifices for his friends. He often prefers friendship over love. She wants her life to be full of differences, fun and new friendships. He can easily meet new people in every environment he enters and he can easily gather many people around him with his cute demeanor, colorful personality and gracefulness.

Being friends with him is so much fun.

The woman of this zodiac sign is very fond of independence. He loves doing sports and always wants to travel, have fun and travel. He is intellectual. She doesn't like being restricted in her life. Seeing new places and improving himself is much more important to him than love and attachment.

He sees money as a tool to discover life. He can get bored of what he does very quickly and start looking for new things.

These women know how to talk. He always tolerates correct and not hurtful criticism. Because he is too frank and honest, he can hurt the other person involuntarily, but he immediately understands this and regrets what he did.

Sagittarius woman gives importance to friendship before love in her bilateral relations. Sometimes he even confuses love and friendship. Because he is very fond of his freedom, he does not want to be attached easily, his biggest fear is to be limited . Still, he enjoys the attention people give him.

If he finds a person who will not limit his life, with whom he can chat, share his ideas, trust and above all be a friend, he will not hesitate to have a relationship with him.

He is attracted to people who are outspoken, know what they want, are confident and very expressive. If he finds the partner he wants, he will want to do everything he has done before and share this adventurous life with him.

The woman of this sign cannot marry easily because she is independent. Since he is very fond of fun and living to the fullest, he should share the same pleasures with the partner he chooses. Although the Sagittarius woman does not take love very seriously, marriage is very important to her. She will be a very funny wife when she gets married.

However, she will never be a full housewife and go about her business. Even if she gets married, she will not give up her business life, her adventurous spirit and will not sit at home and wait for her partner . In any case, she will marry a person who does not demand all this from her. He is fond of children and above all he wants to be friends with his children.

Sagittarius MALE

The Sagittarius man is cheerful, active, approachable and intellectual. He loves life. He is very knowledgeable as he deals with many subjects at the same time. He makes everyone in the environment laugh a lot with his funny temperament. Those who spend time with him are never bored. He can soften even tense environments with his jokes.

He attaches great importance to friendship and companionship. It is also very easy to make friends, thanks to their affectionate and playful demeanor. He is very helpful towards his friends.

A stagnant life bores the Sagittarius man a lot. He should always be active and traveling. He may be wiser and more mature than other people his age, as he enjoys abundantly all the blessings of life.

He is very talented and enterprising in business. If he is not constantly busy with something, he feels empty. He can deal with a job tirelessly. He has a strong sense of responsibility and is ready to bear the consequences of his deeds. If necessary, he can start all over again, without giving up. It is also very open to criticism. He is also known for being outspoken, but he can sometimes cross borders and say things that shouldn't be said.

The Sagittarius man is very fond of his freedom. Usually likes solitude. He does not like to be attached to a person. He is very afraid of a regular relationship. Since he has a double character, he can fall deeply in love with someone and get bored with that person all of a sudden. He is usually after beauty. For him, his partner should be both beautiful and intelligent. He is influenced by cultured and pleasant conversation people like himself. When he likes someone, he doesn't hesitate to show his interest to the fullest. But you shouldn't trust him right away. If he can't find what he's looking for, he'll turn away from you in an instant .

It is necessary to be patient in order to have a relationship with a Sagittarius man. The Sagittarius male can build a nest only after reaching a certain maturity. He doesn't like being restrained and accountable. It is not romantic. Above all, he looks for a harmonious, fun and intellectual partner who is like him. He doesn't like people who are possessive and complaining. It is necessary to leave him alone in relationships as well. Once he has loved and bonded, he will be a devoted and devoted wife to his home. If she loves children and finds the person she is looking for, she will have a happy lifelong relationship.

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