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21 May - 20 June

GENERAL FEATURES OF THE Gemini zodiac sign

Gemini was born to perceive and to gorge himself with observation. He wants to learn to know every event, everyone and every object that is going on around him. He loves to fill his mind and memory as if it were an endless encyclopedia page. Knowing that the world is living with him, trying to catch everything that is in action are the biggest characteristics of Gemini.

For twins who can see not only what they're looking at but much beyond when they look at a place, it's not hard to guess and gather their thoughts. Can spend all day observing

Always on the Move

Gemini should always be on the move. If he sits in the same place or even the same way for a long time, he will start to feel uncomfortable. He will get up, walk around, and sit down again after expending his energy. Likewise, they do not like to be in the same friend environment all the time. They yearn to meet new people because new people mean new energies.

A monotonous, monotonous or even monotonous love is enough for them to run away. He always wants to have new things to discover. With each new discovery, he feels a new surge of energy.

A Shimmering Intelligence

An awake mind is the foundation of twins. Curiosity is the most distinctive feature of twins. Its physical vitality also lasts in the mind, which provides it with another resource: the ability to learn, to understand. These quick mental activities are not aimed at having the power of judgment and logic. It is for raw perception. You see the glimmer of intelligence in every move he makes, in every word he says. He acts on the other hand, expecting the same level of intelligence. They don't want to be with people who can't think and act quickly. Even if these people are their parents, they cannot tolerate it.

It is important for them to see, not to think. He just wants to witness the world. He prefers something done to being designed. All the plans that are left in the air, everything that can be planned and not done, bothers the twins. Therefore, he should lead an active life and put his plans into action as quickly as possible.

The Gemini's main strategy is experience. He acts without getting bored in the process he experiences and observes. He is not afraid of being wrong. Try and even try again. He expects the same attitude from those around him. He can understand people making quick decisions, but can't bear to ignore experience. Living multiple lives at the same time keeps him from laziness. Listens to learn from other people's experiences.

Strong Communication

Open-minded and willing to be surprised. It gathers information, makes connections and disseminates it. He is one of the pioneers of communication. He loves to listen and tell. He prefers to be in constant communication. He never sees what he does as a waste of time because according to him, he is either helping someone or contributing to his own thoughts. He is not afraid to express his feelings and thoughts. He thinks that anything left unsaid will hurt him. Being open, speaking and listening is very important to them.

Constantly Pursuing Change and Innovation

It can reconstruct knowledge if forced to face unpleasant facts. In addition, there is overextendedness, disintegration, irritability and a meaningless, exciting and unstable lifestyle in which everything turns into a constant crisis. He may experience extreme fatigue, a lack of depth, and finally emotional exhaustion.

He has great difficulty in concentrating. Gemini, who does not want to miss the flow of life, cannot stay focused on the same subject all the time. It can deal with more than one job and person at the same time, it runs like a lion that wants to lose its speed. It is almost impossible for them to create a project with a bottom head. Since they will always be in a change, they will change their projects frequently and eventually they will remove the project that has become unbearable and throw it away. This does not reveal their aggressive side, but their nature that is constantly chasing change and innovation.

Changing Moods

Twins, who are described as hypocrites, do not actually have a situation of being hypocritical. They only have minds that are in rapid flux. For this reason, he acts without complying with the minute, suddenly does not like the thing he likes, he may meet with the person he does not like. It would be wrong to call this hypocrisy. He himself never accepts this ascription made because his characters are variable. He will always see himself as someone trying to catch up with life.

Item Item Gemini Sign

  • Your group: Air
  • Your zodiac sign: Male
  • You excel in: Communication and intelligence
  • Who Makes You: Helping, creating joy
  • What you want: to communicate
  • Your goal: to be famous, to be recognized
  • Your Habit to Overcome: Talking too much
  • Your day: Wednesday
  • Your stone: Agate , aquamarine , moonstone , turquoise , peridot , tiger's eye
  • Your Colors: Yellow, Grey, Blue
  • Compatible Partner: Aries, Leo , Libra , Aquarius

Gemini Woman

Gemini women are versatile and extremely interesting women. Besides being beautiful, they are smart, active, funny, logical and understanding. They are aware of these good qualities they have. Therefore, like the Gemini man, their egos are quite strong. They know well that no matter what they do, someone will like them. Their witty conversations, sophisticated imitation skills, clever interpretations, along with the receptiveness in their movements, make them even more attractive.

Just like the man of this sign, it is not easy to understand them. The differences between what they think and what they do, the huge gaps between what they say and what they don't, make them incomprehensible. In fact, they are incomprehensible because of their rapidly changing moods. Their rapidly changing moods can make them strangers to even the person they know best. No one can say they really know the Gemini woman because they have traits that are always changing and that even they don't know about. Over time, they see how important even their unrelated features are, and they hug it with all their hands.

If you love a Gemini woman, you must first get to know her well. He should scrutinize and control his reactions, create partnerships in the things he enjoys, but keep this partnership at a fixed point so that you can be permanently interesting. The Gemini woman should understand that as she examines you, you are also examining her. You should feel that the attention is on you, but you should know the setting of this interest well. A great interest and ordinary actions are one of the most important reasons for the Gemini woman to walk away.

The head of this woman, led by intelligence and action star, works fantastically. He knows very well what is hidden under what you say and what you mean by what you do not say. That's why it becomes difficult to hide things. You really have to be an expert to be able to deceive him or lie to him.

Compared to the Gemini man, he is more resistant and more ambitious. Because he is fond of his independence, he chooses a job or profession for himself. He does not give up working because he likes to earn money. Although he is sometimes very stingy with money, he is generally very open-handed. There are even times when he scatters money excessively. Money is like a flowing river for a Gemini woman. His departure and arrival are uncertain. Every time he looks in his wallet, there is always some money to see.

Gemini woman falls in love at a very young age. Rather, he believes it is. If he marries at a young age, it will soon disappoint him. His ideas about love are also somewhat volatile. Although he wants a permanent and long-lasting love, he tries to get rid of the loves that have lost their magic. He can fall in love again and again, enjoy these loves, enjoy them. Despite all his disappointments, he does not give up on love. Love is important to him.

Gemini man

The Gemini man is not an easily attached type. Even if he marries abruptly, he may regret later and divorce. He likes to live his life fast. For him, commitment is a huge burden. He tries to be friends with everyone, loves to flirt. There is something flirty in even the smallest wit. This is why the Gemini man is seen as frivolous and flirtatious.

The Gemini man, who doesn't deny that they're flirtatious, will want to savor it more when seen courting. Their attitude will grow and they will feel more attractive. There is nothing wrong with the Gemini man, who has a high ego, to be egoistic in this regard, because he is someone who knows his own intelligence and charisma and is aware of what he can do. He is not lazy and does not have any difficulty in understanding any subject.

They have a mind that can be called like a poison and a language ability that reaches the level of verbalism. He wants everything he says to be heard. They also love to listen. Despite those who say that men don't gossip, they have no place in learning and discussing what's going on. He always knows about everyone, but he doesn't tell everyone about everything. Although they are characterized as gossip, they know quite well what to tell and to whom. That's why he never gets involved in these matters.

He loves to be popular and to be noticed. It does its best to maintain this popularity for a long time. They cater to their friends, listen to them, share their own secrets, meet their families, cook and even prepare meals for them. Loving and being loved is very important to him.

The Gemini man is admired for being a cheerful, gentle and friendly person. He's the type to be sought after. He likes to be in the heart of the fun. It's almost impossible to feel bad around him because he's always smiling. Because he loves to party, he will be ready to do anything with you. After having fun somewhere, he can run in the park, or go to a quiet place for a coffee with you. He does not avoid doing all kinds of activities.

He loves to make surprises. He can come out with a flower or a pet. He is a man of surprises. As long as he loves, he will not avoid spending money, he will scatter money on gifts and things he values. He also enjoys receiving gifts for himself. If you want to steal his heart, you must give gifts, even small ones. It uses all of these as plus points for you. He won't give up on you as long as you pull back and he knows he has new things to explore.

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