Akrep Burcu


23 October - 22 November


  • Your group: Water, negative
  • Your Zodiac Sign: Female
  • What You're Outstanding: Intuition, strength, charm, courage
  • What Makes You: Strong emotions, friendship, understanding, passion, creativity
  • What you want: To be strong in all areas of life
  • Your Goal: Wealth for a lifetime
  • Your Habit to Overcome : Jealousy , pity and neglect
  • Your day: Tuesday
  • Your Stone: Topaz
  • Your colors: Dark red and black
  • Your Compatible Spouse: fish and  Crab
  • Occupations: Manager, organizer, industry leader, commander, sales manager, manager, operator, dentist, technical engineer, journalist, chemist, musician, musical instrument maker, mechanic, author, sailor, aviator, social worker

Scorpio is a charming, sexy, ambitious and strong intuition sign. When these intuitions are combined with their high analytical ability, it is not easy to fool a Scorpio. In addition, thanks to these features, he sets his goals and always succeeds in the work he enters. Although he is very emotional, he never shows his feelings. It is mysterious, you may not understand what he is thinking and feeling most of the time.

Usually very stubborn and opinionated. It is impossible to turn him away from a decision he has made. He is very attached to his values, thoughts and loved ones. It takes a lot of time to trust a person because he is always paranoid and suspicious, and as soon as he trusts, he will slowly start to open up.

Scorpio people are very jealous and possessive. He always wants everything to be under his control. He is very passionate and charming, as his emotions are always very intense. You can always recognize a scorpion by its eyes. When he looks at you, you may feel as if he is reading your insides. As calm as he may seem, he has great energy and passion.

With her charm and sexiness, she easily impresses the people in front of her and takes them into her circle. It's so mysterious, it can surprise you when you think you really know it. You can't learn anything about him unless he allows it. He likes to manage his environment.

Scorpio people always live with an all-or-nothing mentality. If he loves, he loves fully and dedicates himself to what he loves. Even if he hates it, it is impossible to turn him away from this thought. No one wants to earn the hate of a Scorpio. Since he is always on the fringes, his hatred is also very destructive.

If you cheated on him or made a move that would shake his trust, he will definitely look for ways to take revenge on you and he will never forget what you did in his life. The Scorpio man can constantly tear things down and build them again and again. He always has the power to recreate. This power of renewal and transformation makes it very special. He is cruel to himself, always wants to know the truth and does not care about the opinions of others.

Scorpio's intuition is very strong.

If something is born into him, it's probably true. Thanks to this strong intuition, he always makes the best decisions for himself. His head works hard. Because he is very resilient, determined and hardworking, he pushes himself to overcome all kinds of obstacles. He doesn't know what it is to be tired. If he uses his energy in the right areas, he will be very successful in every business and can easily reach his goals.

Scorpio has no boundaries. He lives by his desires. He wants to live everything fully. Sexuality is an indispensable part of life. He is very passionate about sex, as he is in everything. If his sexual life is not what he wants, he becomes unhappy and seeks other pursuits. Sometimes it can confuse love with sexuality. She loves to flirt. Although he starts every relationship with serious intentions, he constantly changes lovers until he finds the person he is looking for.

In fact, Scorpio is a true love person. If he truly loves, he will become a great lover and remain faithful to the person he loves for life. For him, the most important thing in a relationship is trust. That's why he is very selective in his love affairs. She wants to be with an honest person. After trusting the person in front of him, he opens himself fully and there is no sacrifice he can't make for his partner.

He never forgives cheating, and sometimes he can burn ships, knowing that his partner will regret even minor mistakes.

Although the Scorpio person may hold back a little at the beginning of the relationship, when he trusts, he will devote himself completely to his partner. She wants to marry when she finds someone who will give her lifelong love, protect, watch over and be loyal to her. Becomes very protective and possessive in marriages. Does not like to be managed and restricted. He will love his wife and children all his life. He will do anything for them.

Scorpio woman

Scorpio woman can easily impress people and make them fall in love with herself with her charming, attractive, pleasant conversation and soft demeanor. In fact, intense emotions, passion and arrogance lie behind these soft attitudes. He is very determined and ambitious in every way. When this determination and ambition are combined with his intelligence, there is nothing he cannot do. He is very proud, he never strays from what he knows and does not compromise on matters he does not believe in. Despite this, he is very well-intentioned and is ready to make any sacrifice for the people he loves.

This sign woman wants to live everything to the fullest. There is no such thing as less for them. Something must be complete or not at all. This also applies to bilateral relations. He asks his friends to be perfect. For him, his friends and lover must be strong. Because of this, he can sometimes be disappointed and withdrawn. Friendship is very important to him. He always has good friends around him. The most intolerable thing in bilateral relations is lying. Never associates with people who lie or breaks ties immediately. He is very honest and expects the same honesty from everyone.

Scorpio woman is very jealous. He is jealous not only of the people he loves, but also of the things he cannot have. This jealousy is not because of his bad intentions, but because his desires and passion are too deep. If he wants something, he must get it. Otherwise, he will destroy himself because of his greed and stubbornness.

The Scorpio woman gets almost everything she wants thanks to her intelligence, hard work, strong intuition and ambition.

He is proud and brave. He follows his beliefs and never compromises himself. He never accepts the option of failure. He tries until he gets what he wants. He is very skeptical and hard to trust. He does not forget any good done to him, nor does he forget the bad. If you have done him a disservice, you will have your share of his anger at the first opportunity. He never shuts up and always takes his revenge by defending his right.

The Scorpio woman primarily wants love, respect and trust in a relationship. He will be extremely jealous and possessive towards his partner. Strong and smart men can impress her. At the beginning of the relationship, he will put a lot of emphasis on money and power. He will examine all the flaws of his partner one by one . But once she falls in love, those flaws suddenly disappear and her man becomes the most perfect man in the world. Once he loves, his eyes see nothing, he becomes the most perfect woman in the world to make his partner happy. All he expects in return is loyalty and endless love. The Scorpio woman will never accept being cheated on.

After all, he is someone who has overcome everything in life, and he will overcome the deception and erase you instantly. Its self-confident and mysterious nature makes it even more attractive.

When the Scorpio woman gets married, she will be a complete housewife. He will devote himself to his wife and children. He will always fulfill his responsibilities.

At the same time, it will always be self-sufficient. Although she is not very fond of children, she becomes an excellent mother when she has children.


Scorpio man

The Scorpio man is ambitious, impressive and attractive. She easily impresses everyone . He can easily impress people with his looks, demeanor and speech, so he is a bit smug. You can immediately recognize him from his sharp eyes. They have a stylish appeal and a practical mind. Solves problems easily. He will surely do whatever he puts his mind to. Although he always seems cheerful, he is actually very pessimistic inside. A storm of emotions breaks out in him. He is extremely fond of pleasures such as food, alcohol and sex. So he can easily become addicted to something. Although very emotional, they have a tough attitude to the outside. He never shows his feelings.

He is very fond of luxury. He wants the best of everything. For him, having the best is a sign of strength. Living in the best houses, wearing the best clothes and having the best girlfriend is a goal for him. Because he is selfish, he usually does not sacrifice much to those he loves and trusts.

The anger and stubbornness of the Scorpio man is very destructive. Although he usually has good relations with people, he can turn into a tiger when faced with a situation he does not accept. He is skeptical of everyone and everything. He does not trust people easily.

He doesn't like being criticized. Since he is frank and reliable, he prefers to be friends with people who have these characteristics. Although there are many people around him, he actually feels lonely inside.

A lot of people come in and out of the Scorpio man's life. Being with a Scorpio man is not easy. He wants to be proud of his partner. He wants the other person to be as strong and passionate as himself. It is very difficult to fall in love, but once he loves, he loves completely. He wants his wife to be in control in bilateral relations and to submit to him. Extremely possessive and jealous. Sometimes, because of these habits, he can make the person he is with wear out of his life .

It is almost impossible to lie to him. Because his analytical ability and intuition are so developed, he immediately reveals the lies. It takes courage to deceive him because it will reveal such a situation immediately and turn your life into a dungeon.

The Scorpio man, once married, will be a very loyal man to his wife. Since he wants the best of everything, he tries to offer the best of everything to his wife. The man of this sign is willful, passionate, loyal and self-sacrificing in marriages. He does everything for his wife. He will be a very loving father. In return, he expects devotion, loyalty and fidelity from his wife.

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