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Purification of Crystals and Stones

Crystal Purification Amethyst

The journey of a crystal until it reaches you is quite long. Crystals are believed to have the ability to collect and diffuse positive or negative energies. According to some people, a crystal standing in the showcase can collect the negative and positive energies of people who are moving around or touching it. For this reason, your crystals must be purified before use.

The cleansing treatment applied to crystals is thought to remove unwanted energy and restore them to their original purity. An unrefined stone will not be beneficial enough, and if it is a strong stone such as quartz crystal, the negative energy accumulated on it can negatively affect you.

Crystal Purification

When you buy your stone for the first time and according to the frequency of use, you need to purify it at certain times. This period may be a week or a month. In normal use, it is generally recommended to do it every 2-3 weeks.

Some stones that do not contain negative energy, such as kyanite, do not need purification and charging. Some stones with strong effects, such as quartz crystal, may need to be purified daily for the first few weeks, until you get used to your stone for the first time.

You understand that your stone needs to be purified when you do not feel the positive effect of the stone or when you feel that you have received a negative effect from the stone.

There are many different methods of purifying crystals, but we would like to suggest a few methods that will not damage crystal jewelry.

Crystal Purification Amethyst Sage Incense

The methods we recommend for purification of crystals:

1. Wrap your crystal in a natural, thin cloth (cotton, silk, etc.) and bury it in the ground, 1 day or 1 night is enough.

2. Leave it under the sun or moonlight for at least 4 hours.

3. Rub with sage for 3-7 minutes or smoke with sage, cedar or sandalwood. Then let it be filled with positive energy by keeping it in the sun.

4. Soak on quartz, selenite or amethyst clusters for at least 6 hours.

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