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Sacred Geometry

What is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred geometry talks about fractals. There are visible dimensions of the fractal, snowflake, bronchioles in the lungs, etc. We cannot see the geometry of the fractal, we see the shape formed.

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What is fractal?

fractal; It is the common name of complex geometric shapes that mostly show self-similarity. They are repetitive shapes that are intertwined forever. According to this definition, a fractal is a figure whose area is infinite, similar to the main figure.

Objects defined as sacred are sacred because of the meanings they represent. The sacred features that can express themselves through the objects in the world are actually clearly shown to us. Sacred Geometry is the language of all things and is meant to reflect the knowledge of the universe, therefore the being is endowed with certain geometric properties.

The sacred architecture and geometry of nature are aesthetic, proportional, balanced, rhythmic and harmonious. In hidden and open structures in our body; in epithelial tissue, DNA, hair strands, in nature; In a spider web, in a honeycomb, in the petals of plants, in the trunk of a tree, the mystery of the spiritual essence is hidden. In plants, no leaves are arranged in such a way that they do not cover the lower one. It shares sunlight and rain equally. While looking at the sacred architecture and geometry in the order of the planets that make up the galaxies, infinity; We approach as we understand the sacred.

 It has been accepted since ancient times that the creator revealed the universe according to a geometrical plan. While the sacred structures were built with this geometry, hexagons, pentagons and triangles were placed inside. In nature, many life forms, plants and crustaceans grow without changing shape, logarithmic spirals, chambered forms respond to the mathematical claims of the order. sacred forms; sinus, wave, sphere, vesicle, torus, spiral, tesseract (4-dimensional cube) is like a star.

The sacred image of geometry; Metatron is the Flower of Life. Because it contains all creation. Everything is created with this model, this geometric shape that contains the secret and knowledge of creation, the knowledge of divine art. Ancient Egypt preserves this knowledge based on Hermes. The shapes that symbolically represent the microcosm are called Mandalas, they are also the expression of Sacred Geometry in temple geometry. It is used as an object of meditation in Hinduism and Buddhism. The Hexagram with the Star of David is similar to the Hindu sacred symbol Siri Yantra Mandala.

Mathematicians investigating why honey bees make their combs into hexagons have seen that this is the case in order to make the best use of the unit area and to make a comb with less material, but that the combs at the fusion point are faultless, although the bees start the construction of the comb from several different points. In the verses that mention the bee; The chromosome number of the bee and the features of the mathematician program are hidden.

Phi Bear-Golden Ratio

The Italian mathematician Fibonacci's PHI (FI) number is 1618. This number has a self-repeating feature and each shape repeats the Golden Ratio in itself an infinite number of times. The special aesthetic ratio found in the structure of all living things is the key to cosmic physics for Plato.

Da Vinci was the first to use the Latin word for the golden ratio. We can see that the pentagram formed inside each pentagon continues by repeating the Golden Ratio from macro to micro infinity. Pythagoras; He says, “The ratio of a person's height from his whole body to his navel, the ratio of the long-short sides of the pentagram, the ratio of the long-short sides of the rectangle, they are all the same.” The ratio of the first two knuckles of the full length of each of our 8 fingers, which have 3 knuckles, except the thumb, gives the golden ratio. This is a special ratio observed between parts of a natural whole, and also used in art, architecture, and the painting, sculpture, and building of Renaissance masters. The Parthenon temple in Athens is one of the works in which the golden ratio is used.

It interprets the Fibonacci numbers (lasts as 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987...) and the golden ratio relationship. Many plants give 1 leaf when they sprout, then 1 more, then 2, then 3,5,8,13,21,34... they choose the Fibonacci sequence as their path of growth and branching. For example, the ratio of the number of grains from right to left and from left to right from the center of the sunflower to the outside gives the golden ratio.

Sacred geometry, light and energy

Our body is surrounded by an energy field consisting of two intertwined Tetrahedrons (4-sided shape-pyramid). This measure is also known as the Star of David. On a three-dimensional scale, this image; It is an energy field called the Merkabah. This field, which can be activated by some secret techniques, allows channeling to higher dimensions. Secret; is to spin around you at a certain rate (Fibonacci ratio). Breath, imagery techniques, and conscious living knowledge are required. This Merkabah field carries the geometry of the double Tetrahedron placed in the heart chakra. With the activation of sacred geometry, basic geometric shapes within us can be awakened. Thus, light body formation, soul and mind opening are provided. The very effective Sacred Geometry activation Hz. It was practiced by Solomon and taught in mystery schools for the integrity of light and energy.

Artistically, it is identical with music. Harmonious or discordant melodies can be created by using different groups of notes. Some music, such as Gregorian chants, can bring us closer to the spiritual world. Other music, on the other hand, can speak directly to our emotions. Indeed, one of the great thinkers, Pythagoras, showed the connection between music, sound, number and form.

Three basic geometric shapes are fundamental in the religious tradition; circle, triangle and square. These represent the three levels of our existence; spirit, mind and body. Like number systems, it is unknown who first used the compass. It was probably a string and two sticks, but this development initiated a symbolic exploration into the world of ideas and forms. All geometric shapes can be drawn using a compass. Sometimes referred to as the "Great Geometrician," God is often depicted using compass.

Geometry is also closely related to number studies. Integers are considered ideal. There is a completeness in their nature; whereas fractional numbers show that those numbers are still in the development stage. From this perspective, it is sometimes perceived as the deity in the creative process. Integers may be known, but ratios such as pi can only be estimated and are therefore unknown. It is the incomprehensible hand of God that permeates everything.

But while numbers can be either rational (integers) or irrational (fractional numbers), geometry unifies this distinction. While a circle obeys the principle of rational integers in its radius, it may not fit in its circumference and yield irrational fractional numbers. A square and its diagonal can show a similar situation. For example; The diagonal length of a square whose sides are one unit can be the square root of 2. The root word (like the square root) is an ancient concept and comes from nature. The root of a plant is hidden under the ground, but it reveals and feels what grows above the ground.

Likewise, the square roots of numbers are hidden, but hidden in them. For example; The square root of 16 is 4 (4x4= 16). But the square root of 15 is an irrational number and cannot be easily calculated. Finding the square roots of numbers was an important issue for ancient mathematicians. But if the square root of a number could not be calculated numerically, it could be revealed geometrically. Thus, the power of geometry began to settle in ancient minds.

Geometry was a gateway to higher levels of human consciousness, and that is why it became important in sacred art and architecture. When we go to the origins of proportions in sacred art and architecture, we encounter the concept of sacred geometry as the best way to describe the hidden geometry found in religious buildings and sacred forms.

circle, triangle, square

The easiest geometric shape to create is the circle. All you need is a compass or string, a pole and a marker. To draw two interlocking circles, simply place the compass on the contour of the first circle and draw another circle of the same size. From this vesica design, the three most important "roots" (22, 32, 52) can be deduced.

If we take the perimeter of the circles as l, we get a square with a diagonal of 2 and a rectangle with a diagonal of a square root of 5. The distance from the highest point where the perimeter lines intersect to the lowest point gives us the height of a triangle as the square root sign 3. The rectangle can also be used to find the "golden meaning" proportion. As we shall see later, the vesica and the 2-by-1 rectangle are the basis of ancient measures.

Triangle is seen as a transitional form between circle and square. In time it became a symbol of a trinity, father, mother and son between gods and goddesses; As in Egypt. This concept has been fundamental in many religious belief systems and has emerged in Christianity as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The most perfect form of the triangle is the equilateral triangle in which the side lengths and angles are equal.

Another widely used triangle is dedicated to Pythagoras, although it originated much longer than he did. Side lengths are represented by integer ratio; 3:4:5. This triangle presents the simplest form of a right triangle, whose side lengths can be expressed as integers. Since simple numerical ratios are taken, it has been widely used in art and sculpture as well as in observing. The Khafre Pyramid is based on this. symbol necklace

The circle, triangle, square and rectangle became the basis of sacred architecture. Traditionally, they are interconnected in certain proportions. These ratios try to show the original harmony of the cosmos. The name of such a ratio was designated by Aristotle as "gnomon": "The shape that, when added to the original, makes the resulting shape look like the original." In other words, the original ratio is maintained at each additional step. An example of this would be the numerical expression of the "golden meaning" ratio; Like l, l, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21... In this system, the last number is the sum of the two numbers before it. The Fibonacci series is a good example, but there are others.

Robert Lawlor, in his book Sacred Geometry, gives the example of "gnomon" spirals based on the Fibonacci series originating from the 1:2 ratio. These expanding shapes are sometimes called "rotating squares"; this is similar to the spirals common in the natural world.

While examining gnomons of different proportions, I discovered something important. One of the 1:3 ratio gnomons was attached exactly to the pyramids of Giza. From this ratio, the basic ratios of Keops, Khafre and Menkar could also be deduced. The development began by drawing three adjacent squares on a line, creating a 1x3 rectangle with them. Then at each stage of development, each square lined up on the long side was drawn.

The first square created a 3:4 rectangle. Doubling this gave Khafre's rate; 6:4. Adding two more squares to the 3:4 rectangle revealed the 7:11 ratio of the Cheops Pyramid. Adding another square created the 11:18 ratio of the Menkar Pyramid. This method, which starts with a 3-by-1 rectangle, reveals that the base and height ratios of the pyramids follow a certain mathematical system. Whether accidental or deliberate, they follow a harmonious geometric series.

What is so important in a 3:1 ratio? Perhaps this reflects the Egyptians' trilogy of Osiris, Isis, and Horus. We can never be sure of this, but this pattern offers a valuable insight into the Egyptian pattern.

Sacred geometry takes place in the surface shapes of all religious buildings without exception; mosque, church, the whole place of worship. Since ancient times, all religious structures and their building forms have surrounded them with a whole of sacred geometry reaching to infinity.

In pre-modern times, numbers meant something other than just calculating and quantifying. In the figures of the surfaces to be built, the harmony of triangles, circles, squares and hexagons with numbers was seen. A spiritual bond with these figures automatically exists. Emotional integration would be accompanied by a divine bond with those who came. Because it was one with sacred geometry and the unity of creation.

On the whole surface of the earth and in the cosmos, the Divine (Tengri's) creative architecture is seen in the harmony of mathematical harmony with shapes. He calls sacred geometry Tengri's mathematics in modern times.

In research on natural shapes, it is seen that the roots of sacred geometry follow natural shapes. There is no room for coincidence or randomness in any created being. All of them have a mathematical harmony and fractal structure.

The golden ratio, the inner proportion of the number 1.618, is best seen in the proportion of sacred geometry in the harmony of all created beings. The harmony of the golden ratio is seen in figures made with sacred geometry, ancient Egyptian constructions, medieval churches, places of worship in the Tibetan Plateau and the Himalayas, stone and tile murals of Islamic art, mantras and yantras in the Himalayas (these are miniature shapes that describe the harmony between the mystical particle realm and the whole world). .

Leonardo da Vinci's "Vitruvian Man" has shown the harmony of the human body and the golden ratio right in the middle of the sacred geometry. There was a Roman architect named Vitruvius, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci.

In the nature of sacred geometry lies the flawless functioning and continuity of a mathematical cycle. Sacred geometry is a continuous part of a whole in the form of a wave, the union of two circles, the combination of triangles, and symmetrical shapes. Thus, a window was opened between the created nature and human beings and works of art. It is as if the miniature of divine creation appears among the shapes of sacred geometry. Those who have encompassed everything lately and search for a reason for everything are trying to come up with an explanation called the "fringe theory".

flower of life

The patterns of the FLOWER OF LIFE are the starting point of the sacred proportions that make up everything in the universe. This sacred geometry assists us in reaching the truth of ourselves and the universe. It is believed that the intuitive power of the person who wears this form will increase and it will be protected from negative energies.

It consists of 20 intertwined circles, including the outermost circle, and it is believed that everything keeps its secret inside. It is the original reduced to two dimensions.

In fact, these are spheres, not circles. It should be considered three-dimensionally, even multi-dimensionally. The Flower of Life contains Plato's 5 bodies* and Metatron's cube. Those shapes also build the whole existence.

It is associated with sacred geometry. It has been used in all monotheistic religions. Its examples have been found in archaeological studies in many different geographies of the world (South America, Anatolia, Middle East, Egypt, Asia, Far Asia, Africa).

In Turkey, on the lid of a sarcophagus in the Burdur museum, on a fountain in the Manisa museum, in the tomb of Hacıbektaş-ı Veli, and in the ancient city of Ephesus.

It is believed that the entire code and beginning of the universe and life is hidden in this symbol. Drunvalo Melchizedek says in his book “Forgotten secret of the flower of life” that this symbol was known in the time of Atlantis and was moved to Egypt so that it would not be forgotten with the collapse of Atlantis.

He also explains that Da Vinci also used the symbol. The symbol was found again in an excavation in Gaziantep.

'Just one Spirit. Long before the Sumerians existed, before Egypt built the Sakra, before even the Andalusian plain began to flourish, the Spirit lived in human bodies, dancing in high cultures. We are much more than we know ourselves. We forgot.'

'Long ago we fell from a very high level of consciousness and memories are just starting to emerge. Our new-old level of consciousness here on earth will change us forever and bring us back to the awareness that there really is only one Spirit.'

Drawing of the Flower of Life is found not only in Egypt, but throughout the world.

This drawing is in Ireland, Turkey, England, Israel, China, Tibet, India, Japan; it is found everywhere. The name is the same all over the world. Flower of Life. Elsewhere in the universe the name is different. It can be translated as the Language of Silence and the Language of Light. It is the source of all languages. It is the primary language of the universe:- pure form and proportion.'

The Flower of Life is called a flower not only because it resembles a flower, but also because it represents the stages of the fruit tree.

If there is a tree, then a flower, then a seed, and the cycle of the fruit tree we see on Earth parallels the geometries, then the source of the tree must be perfectly within the Seed.'

From the book The Forgotten Secret of the Flower of Life I by Drunvalo Melchizedek.

The entire universe was born from this sacred sphere. This globe is a symbol of unconditional love.

Our DNA, our RNA are derived from this holographic model. This is the model of the smallest atomic particle in our cells.

The ancient Mayans discovered the mathematical nature of the Universe-consciousness.

The nature of creation included the frequencies of the numbers 13 and 20. The number 13 was symbolically represented by a circle, and the number 20 was symbolically represented by a square.

The Mayan symbol of Hunab K'u was depicted as a square within a circle. The meaning of Hunab K'u is one who gives measure and movement.

Hunab means Creator and K'u means pyramid.

Actually, by this we mean it is inside the divine pyramid, but according to the Mayans, our physical bodies are also pyramids and within them is the power of the designer. We can say that the power of the numbers 13 and 20 awakens the power of the universe within us.

There are 13 major joints in our body: our ankles, knees, hip joints, elbows, wrists, shoulder joints, and neck. We have 20 fingers. It has been determined that there must be 13 sperms around the egg in order to fertilize the circled egg during fertilization.

If we add up 13 joint movements with our 20 fingers, that's 33, which is the numerical expression of our light body. Our spinal cord consists of 33 parts. The exact center of the number 13 is 7 and this is the sign of our 7 chakras.

According to the Mayans, who can use the power of 7 can also use the power of 33. The 13 and 20 frequencies are in harmony with the lunar cycles, the sun, galactic time, and earth time.

Our soul uses our 13 joints to move our body. Since this frequency is in harmony with the natural periods of our Earth and Galaxy, we see the positive effects of 13 and 20 both in our organic structure and in harmony with interdimensional energy flows.

According to the Mayan calendar, the 13th ray is the highest vibration in the calendar; it represents transformation. The 20th sign “AHAU” Solar Mind reveals the mystery of light, both physically and spiritually. Favorable combinations of these signs indicate that we are entering a time of greater alignment of our planet to the LIGHT.

The frequencies of the numbers 13-20-33 awaken the God within us.

13: It means intelligent, open to innovation, exploring, not using power egoistically.

3+1=4. This number is about paying off karmic debts.

20: Awakening; The new meaning is to use the power in transformation with new plans, patience, will, and continuity. It is the power to create what will give happiness and to erase the negative.

33: It is the luckiest number. It is the magic of love. luck in every field

To draw the Flower of Life, you first draw a circle, then put the tip of the compass on a point on the circumference of this circle and draw another circle of the same diameter. To draw your third circle, you place the tip of your compass at the intersection of the two circles and draw another circle of the same diameter, repeating these operations until you reach the first shape.

This is how you gradually connect the centers of the circles. then you connect the centers of all the circles.

Inside the figure, 2 opposite pyramids are intertwined.

This is called a star tetrahedron. If you cast light over this star tetrahedron, its projection is similar to the Star of David.

In addition to soap bubbles and zygote samples, it deals with many examples such as the double helix of DNA, the orbital pattern drawn by the Milky Way and Sirius by entangling each other, 7 notes, 7 chakras, 7 days, the mystery of the number 19.

Cosmic Mathematics

In mythology, the Moon is associated with women and the number 13. Perhaps this is because the moon shifts 13 degrees in a sign or revolves around the earth 13 times.

According to scientific data, our moon, which has no life on it, affects life on earth very much. Many natural cycles, such as its silvery color, its reflected light, the tides that occur twice a day according to the fluctuating monthly rhythm, the 28-day reproductive period of women, are all connected with the phases of the moon. In mythology, the Moon is associated with women and the number 13. Perhaps this is because the moon shifts 13 degrees on a sign or revolves around the earth 13 times in 1 year.

With an average distance of 240,000 miles, the Moon is our closest neighbor in the universe. Its radius is 1,080 miles. This gives a ratio of 3/11 compared to the earth's 3,960-mile diameter. Since the moon is not perfectly spherical, the earth's gravity pulls the larger hemisphere towards us. We can only see one side of the moon. Spacecraft have now discovered the back side of the Moon, which is the dark side. The moon has some special moves of its own.

The cycle from New Moon to Full Moon is called the phases of the moon. This rhythm, which emerges from the movement of the Sun, Moon and Earth together, is the foremost rhythm of the moon. We also have eclipse cycles; People who live by the sea know that the invisible power of the moon causes tides on the beaches twice a day. The tides are not limited to the oceans, they rise and fall with the atmosphere above our heads and the earth beneath our feet.

The highest tides occur during the two or three days following a new moon or full moon. lunar day; is the time between consecutive moon births. The moon rises an average of 52 minutes later compared to the previous day, and each lunar day has exactly two tides, each slowing on average every 12 hours. These tides can sometimes cause the waters to recede or rise 7 meters in the oceans. The tides are synchronized with the lunar day, and therefore with the position of the moon in the sky.

The high tides converge in two positions that are always unchanging. Each full moon cycle has 28.5 lunar days, hence 57 : 3x19 tides. This is just one of the ways the moon affects the earth, which is one of the main subjects of Astrology.

The moon is one of the main influences that creates time and cycles on earth. Each month, the moon almost completely copies the movements of the sun in the celestial ecliptic circle that it undertakes throughout the year. The moon reaches its highest point in the sky each month when it is near Betelgeuse, one of the main stars in the Orion constellation. The moon, which shows its strongest astrological influences in this region, may become polar and not set for several days during a full moon at extreme latitudes above 60 degrees. Astrologically, we call it a blue moon or a green moon. The moon's lowest degree relative to the ecliptic in the sky occurs when it is near the star Antares in Scorpio. In high latitude zones, Finland or northern Canada where the sun is polarized, the full moon may not be visible in midsummer. The name of this look is semi-balsamic. It has great astrological meanings and is associated with major earthquakes. The full moon reaches its brightest in mid-winter by copying the movement of the same sun in midsummer. The midsummer full moon also does not coincide with the behavior of the midwinter sun.

This reversal also mysteriously contaminates numbers, because 1:Sun = Moon and 1:Moon = Sun equals 1:365.242 = 0.0027379; this is 3 minutes 56 seconds in days and corresponds to the difference between sidereal and solar days. On the other hand, 1:27,322 = 0.0366; It is 52 minutes in days and corresponds to the difference between the lunar day and the solar day.

These calculations were first made by the Celtic priests, who built stone monuments in ancient Britain, were primitive according to modern Archeology, and very advanced in mathematics according to researchers like me and myself. Stonehenge, located in Salisbury, England, is an important structured phenomenon of this mathematical cycle, so our ancestors thousands of years ago knew astronomy and Astrology, which studies its effects on humans, better than we do.

cosmic order

What divine coincidence is it that shows us the sun and moon discs of the same size? The Sun is exactly 400 times larger than the Moon, but 400 times further away. The distance of the moon from the earth slightly exceeds 30 times the diameter of the earth, which causes total solar eclipses.

Total solar eclipses cause sudden and serious changes in nature due to the sudden transition from light to dark. A very short time later, at 2000 miles an hour, dawn breaks in the west. Lunar eclipses are seen from a wider region than the world, and the eclipse duration is much longer than solar eclipses. solar eclipses; occurs when the new moon is directly between the sun and the earth, they are only visible during the daytime. The total eclipse area consists of a small speck that travels around the world. A total eclipse takes a maximum of 7 minutes. During lunar eclipses, the full moon passes through the shadow of the earth from right to left, the light it reflects disappears for a few hours. Lunar eclipses are visible to everyone on the night side of the earth. There can be up to 7 eclipses in a year, solar eclipses are more frequent than lunar eclipses. In many ancient societies, the effects of the Moon on nature are also mentioned in the mythologies of human societies that have had a significant impact on the history sequence, such as the Mayans, Sumerians, Egyptians and us Turks. In Astrology, the Moon has been studied in many different dimensions by the eastern schools of Astrology. The depths of the soul are studied as a very special symbolism that represents our automatic behavioral patterns, our thought patterns that we have brought from our past lives to the present. The Moon, called Selena in Latin, Luna in Greek, Chandra in Hindi, Kamer in Arabic, is also an important symbol of animist and pagan religions of western societies. If the Sun is our personality, the Moon is the essence of our soul, special patterns we brought from the past. For this reason, the position of the moon in the sky at the time of your birth is even more important than your sun sign. The Moon sign is an identity card that introduces you to the people around you, how you are fed, your emotional outward reactions and the social society you are in. Interestingly, there are many verses about solar and lunar eclipses in the books of many monotheistic religions. In the Torah of the Jews, the Bible of the Christians and the Holy Quran of Islam, there is a lot of information about the moon alone. In the farewells of Brahmanism, one of the ancient Indian religions, and in the holy book of Islam, the Qur'an, there is information only about the moon and its effects. In the Qur'an, Surah Al-Qamar gives a lot of information about the Moon.


Many verses indicate that solar and lunar eclipses will occur before major changes in the world. It is as if solar and lunar eclipses are a celestial symbol that points to the events that will happen. The universe presents life like a heartbeat with cosmos, grand and geometric rhythms. There are very sensitive mathematical relations in its dynamics. These are sometimes expressed with a fractional simplicity, sometimes with long equations. You say nature, I say God, someone else say universe, there is a very important mathematical equation that exists in the universe. This mathematical precision reveals a sacred geometric system, a divine mathematics to the eyes that know how to look, and all we need to do to understand this is to lift our heads and look at the sky.

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